ExifyMe helps to simplify some of the functionality offered in the command-line application, Exiftool, by offering an easy to use GUI.

You simply select the modified image, and the original, unmodified image, and click Restore – and the EXIF data of the modified image will automatically be restored to what it originally was, and a backup file (saved as .original) is automatically created, so as to not cause any data loss.
EXIFyMe Main screen

Just as an example of what EXIFyMe can do, here’s an original image:

Post-processed with Photoshop, without using ExifyMe

Post-processed with Photoshop, with EXIFyMe

Note: The difference is in the EXIF data view

Download: Download EXIFyMe 1.0 (~3.3MB)
Download via Brothersoft
Although this application is released for free, Donations are appreciated, as they cover development costs, and help support the further development of this software.

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